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How to use Krystal Coupons

You can input your Krystal coupon into their website or mobile Android and iOS app to save with their special deals. Tap on one of the offers above to select the deal. These work both with online mobile ordering and in-store. Krystal has few coupons, mostly deals.

What type of deals does Krystal offer?
Deals vary week by week. Here are some of the most popular ones:

6 Krystals and 6 Chiks for $10.99

$1.99 Original Scrambler

4 Krystals, Small Fries, and a Small Drink for $4

10 Krystals for $6

$4.99 Meal Deal

​​What are Krystal’s hours?
Be sure to check your local Krystal’s hours, because they may vary, but generally Krystals opens at 6am and closes between 10pm and midnight.

Krystal Coupon Fine Print
Only at participating locations.

Most Popular Krystal Meals
Tater Tots
French Fries
Low Carb Scrambler
Original Scrambler
Egg Breakfast Plate
Cheese Krystal Slider
Chili Cheese Pup

Does Krystal offer delivery?
Krystal uses a variety of delivery services, and offers in-store pickup for online ordering.

Where is the nearest Krystal?
You can type in your location, city, state, or zip code into Krystal’s website to find Krystals in your area.

All about Krystal
Krystal is an American fast food chain known for their small burgers called sliders. They operate in the American Southeast, and have 360 active locations. Recently, Krystal has defaulted on their debt (2020), and sold 150 locations.

Krystal burger is one of the oldest fast food restaurants in America, founded on October 23, 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. During the Great Depression, founders J. Glenn Sherrill and Rody Davenport Jr. predicted that during difficult economic times, people would still eat at a restaurant with good service and cheap prices. Therefore, Krystals were made exceedingly cheap, and the founders’ theory was proven correct when the brand flourished. The name Krystal came from Davenport’s wife, who saw a crystal lawn ornament and commented that it looked clean, just like Davenport’s vision for a spotless restaurant.

Inspired by Chicago’s White Castle restaurants, Davenport and Sherril created the first Krystal burger restaurant. Krystal is the oldest hamburger chain in the American South, and the eigth oldest in the United States. Krystal is headquartered in Dunwoody, Georgia. It is owned by Fortress Investment Group, which is in turn owned by SoftBank. Krystal is also known for sponsoring competitive eating, where Joey Chestnut ate 103 Krystal sliders in 8 minutes.

Krystal filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2020

From Wikipedia:
“From the early 1930s through the early 1960s, the chain served much of its food not in take-out containers but on inexpensive porcelain dishes with the "Krystal" moniker. The waiters and waitresses wore white uniforms, and food was offered through counter service. In the 1950s, Krystal opened its first drive-through window - which most locations maintain today. A 2013 study of seven fast food franchises found that service at Krystal drive-throughs was the slowest, with an average wait time of 218 seconds. It was, however, the most accurate in terms of fulfilling orders.

In the 1950s, cake doughnuts were served as a breakfast and dessert item. From about 1970 until 1986, "bone-in" kettle fried chicken and related sides were offered. These items were sometimes sold from a stand-alone addition to the hamburger restaurants.

DavCo, a division of Krystal, operated Wendy's franchises from the 1960s until 2017, when the franchises were bought back by Wendy's and sold to NPC International. Between 1983 and 1988, DavCo also operated the Po' Folks family restaurant chain.”

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  • Company Vital Information:
  • Company Name: Krystal
  • Headquarters Phone: 770-351-4500
  • Corporate Address:
    1455 Lincoln Parkway Suite 600
    Dunwoody, GA 30346 USA
  • Payment Accepted: Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Cash
  • Sales tax in: Most states
  • Delivery: Local Delivery from select stores
  • Return policy: Complain to the Order Taker or Manager
  • Sector: Consumer Discretionary - Industry: Food/Drink - Restaurants
  • Information subject to change. Contact us with any updates.