BuyVia Press Releases

BuyVia Press Releases

11/23/2015 - BuyVia Offers Suite of Apps for Shoppers

5/11/2015 - BuyVia Releases New Apple Watch App

12/12/2014 - BuyVia Releases New iOS App 3.0

11/28/2014 - Holiday Money Saving Shopping Tips for Consumers

11/7/2014 - BuyVia Releases New iOS App Featuring Password Wallet Integration for iOS 8 in Advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

1/30/2014 - The Best No Contract Smartphone Plans of 2014, Research at BuyVia

1/27/2014 - Super Bowl XLVIII Advance Consumer Electronics Buying Patterns Shows Shift to Mobile

12/19/2013 - PS4 in Higher Demand than Xbox One

11/13/2013 - New PS4 and Xbox One Trackers from BuyVia Help Gamers Find Deals During the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season

9/20/2013 - iPhone 5c Gets “Not Recommended” Rating in Latest iPhone Recommendation Guide

7/24/2013 - BuyVia Survey Reveals One Third of Consumers Plan to Purchase a Tablet for Back to School

6/27/2013 - Ninety Four Percent of People Surveyed Plan to Stay Connected Via Smartphone During Summer Travel; Majority of Time Will Be Spent Communicating with Friends and Family

6/26/2013 - First Cloud-linked Shopping Searches, Preferences And Curated Deals Available On Kindle Fire

6/11/2013 - BuyVia Now Provides Deals On Over One Hundred Million Products Six Months After Launch; Company Expands Beyond Tech Items

6/5/2013 - BuyVia Brings Consumers Daily Cloud-linked Best Quality Deals Within Ten Mile Radius

5/30/2013 - 63% Of Dads Want The Google Glass Versus a New Set of Golf Clubs This Father’s Day According to a BuyVia Survey

5/7/2013 - Survey Reveals Web Surfing, Email and Gaming Are the Top Functions Consumers Use Most on Tablets

4/4/2013 - “Laptop”, “iPhone” And “Dell” Top March Online Shopping Searches

3/19/2013 - Survey Reveals Consumer Wish List for Apple iWatch and Lower Cost iPhone

3/7/2013 - “TV” “iPad” and “Kindle Fire” Top Online Shopping Searches in February

01/22/2013 - Majority of Consumers Search For 55” Televisions As Super Bowl XLVII Approaches According To BuyVia Analytics

12/18/2012 - 56% of Consumers Want to Have Deals Pushed to Their Smartphones According to BuyVia Survey

12/11/2012 - 40% of Consumers Will Be “Showrooming” Before They Buy This Holiday Season According to BuyVia's Survey

11/13/2012 - First Mobile App/Website to Bridge in-Store, Online and Geo-Local Shopping Across Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops