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Top 10 Best Restaurant Birthday Freebie Deals 2022

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People often react funnily to their birthdays. While some individuals keep their birthday celebration a private affair and secretly dread the passing of another year, others vigorously celebrate until they can’t move another inch. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that a birthday is a time to have fun, relax, and perhaps indulge oneself. As going out to celebrate can often get quite pricey, we presents you with ten of the sweetest birthday offers and freebies!

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During the Pandemic, restaurants have made most items also available for takeout.

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Where Can I Get Good Take-out Food?

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Take-out food has always been a popular option, but our idea of what’s good take-out food has changed since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Previously, we rarely enjoyed the luxury of ordering food online from a fine dining establishment and then having it delivered via fast courier. Now, we love it! So do other people. What do they think is good food, where do they find it, and how do they get it home?

A friend had to quarantine for two weeks in an apartment. After eight days, he wasn’t sick, but he was sick and tired of being a shut-in. The ball game was on. He missed his friends. He couldn’t go to the sports bar. It was closed anyway, and I was hungry. Then he had a great idea. Order Take-out!

What Is Take-out Food?

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The Best Store Return Policy and Refund Policies – Extended Holiday Returns

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Last Updated: 12/31/2021


Stores Hate Returns

Let's face it, any store wants you to keep what you buy and never return it.  Returns are costly to process, restock, and ship. Consumers need the option of returning an item, or else they would purchase far less products. Read the full post…

Buy This Present, Not That!

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Enough about the supply chain ruining the big day. It’s the Holiday season again. Never has it been more important to rally behind small businesses than now. Rather than buying the latest and greatest things on everyone’s list this season, support a small business by purchasing an awesome alternative to this year’s hot ticket items.

Here are 6 of the most-requested gifts this holiday season and equally excellent items to substitute when you shop with a small business.

Buy This Present: A Family-Friendly Board Game - Not That: A PS5

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Christmas Holiday 2021 Shipping Deadlines

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Last Update: 11/12/2021

Back in the day, when all gifts had to be bought in stores, retailers would helpfully remind us how many “shopping days” there were left before Christmas - not counting the Sundays, and often Saturdays, when stores were closed. Now, in the age of the Internet, every day can be a shopping day, and store hours are any time we’re awake.

However, that doesn’t mean you can just put off all your shopping until the last minute. Because the snag with doing your Christmas shopping online is, you have to factor in delivery time to be sure your gift will arrive before Santa takes off for the year. So instead of counting shopping days until Christmas, you have to count shipping days.

Fortunately, BuyVia has taken the work out of counting for you. We’ve checked websites for all the major stores to see how long their expected delivery times are for regular shipping, express shipping, and free shipping. If a store doesn’t have this information on the Web, or the information is conflicting, we’ve called customer service to get the scoop or extrapolated from the previous year - so you can just relax and enjoy your eggnog. Read the full post…

The Insider’s Shopping Guide to Black Friday Deals and Sales

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Last update: 10/1/2021


Ahh, Black Friday...that delirious, manic shopping frenzy the day after Thanksgiving, and now the entire week! Black Friday marks the kickoff of the holiday buying season and retailers offer deep discounts to coax our credit cards from our wallets and purses.

Covid-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Black Friday

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The Insider’s Guide to Cyber Monday Deals

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Last Update: 9/1/2021

The best time of the year to purchase many items is approaching rapidly. The holiday shopping season starts off at Thanksgiving and continues to Christmas. Between those two holidays, you will find two major shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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18 Restaurants That Will Give FREE Food Near Me

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Ritz Carlton Singapore Colony Buffet seafood

Do you love free food? We obviously do. Do you love walking through Costco and getting samples of all sorts of tasty morsels?

We never say no and you probably don’t either.

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The Truth about Black Friday Sales

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Last Update: 8/1/2021

The truth about Black Friday? Black Friday has morphed into Black November, and retailers - both traditional and online, begin running their Black Friday deals on November 1st. That’s right - as soon as you finally hit the bed after a fright filled night of collecting candy from your neighbors, retailers are gearing up to relieve you of your holiday shopping budgets. With dilution of the term Black Friday, the best sales are saved for the day itself.

Be sure to look at our Black Friday Ad Scans and Deals Page

Covid-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Black Friday

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Top 10 Best Restaurants Deals 2021

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Are you craving a burger, some wings, or maybe just sick of home-made meals? Whether it’s dining out or takeout, we know that food can get expensive really quick, which is why we compiled some of the best offers you can find right now! All the restaurants are carefully considered for value, quality of service, and convenience. We hope that you enjoy this list and discover some amazing new deals!

As promotions for restaurants often come and go in the blink of an eye, note that prices and availability may be subject to change and vary by location. You can find more constantly updating deals in the food coupon and restaurant sections of Buyvia. Be sure to download our free food coupons For iOS and android.

10. Buffalo Wild Wings

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