Top 10 Secret Menus – McDonalds, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks and more


Diners love to find hidden Easter eggs at their favorite restaurant chains.  Here are some of the best ones you will NOT find on the menu.  Keep in mind menus vary from region to region, so you may not find certain ingredients.  Lets liven up your regular visit to these popular restaurants.

McDonalds Logo

McDonald's Secret Menu

McDonalds Chicken and waffles

McChicken N' Waffles

  • Order a McChicken patty in between two McGriddles, and it’s almost like a southern Chicken N' Waffles restaurant.  For good measure, order a breakfast plate and place the scrambled eggs in the middle!

McGang Bang

  • Just order a McDouble and a McChicken, both on the dollar menu, and put the McChicken between the beef patties and try it yourself!

Land, Sea and Air Burger

  • Big time calories from this off-menu item: a towering combination of a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken. Order all three together, then stack ’em. (Buns optional!)

Neapolitan Shake

  • Ask for a mixture of the strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla milkshake. You can also order all 3 and do the mixing yourself, but I recommend you bring your own giant bottle to fit everything in there.

Apple Pie Sundae

  • Order a vanilla sundae and an apple pie. Mix ’em together for the ultimate Dessert.

Big Mac Fries

  • Ask for the Big Mac sauce on the side when you order fries. I’m not sure why this isn’t on the menu and why this hasn’t replaced ketchup across the world. Either way, it’s possible to order and I highly recommend it.


  • Order a vanilla milkshake and an espresso. Combine and—*Italian chef kiss*—you just made yourself an affogato.

Burger King Secret Menu

The Burger King BLT

  • Order a Whopper and ask for bacon to be added to it.

Frings - Half Fries, half Onion Rings

  • Ask for an order of half fries, half onion rings. Most servers will get it. Few will complain. Sometimes you want more than just fries. Should be available in Value, Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

Suicide Burger

  • Order 2 Double whoppers and stack the meat and bacon together to form a 4 patty wonder.

French toast sticks on a breakfast sandwich

  • Add French toast sticks to your favorite breakfast sandwich like the Double Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Croissan'Wich. A good way to add sweet to the savory elements.


Starbucks Secret Menu

Holly Jolly Latte

  • Ask your barista for an Eggnog Chai Latte with one or two pumps of peppermint syrup—and no water. Top with nutmeg and whipped cream.

Baby YODA Frappuccino

  • Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino with a caramel-coated cup (the inside, ofc). Get it topped with whipped cream, more caramel and caramel crunch. Sip with both hands and become one with The Child from the Mandolorian.

Samoa Frappuccino

  • Order a Mocha Frappuccino
    • Ask for 1-2 pumps toasted coconut syrup
    • Ask for 1-2 pumps caramel syrup
    • Ask for a Drizzle top with mocha and caramel syrup

Churro Frappuccino

  • Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
    • Ask for a cinnamon dolce syrup
    • Ask for white mocha syrup
    • Ask for a dash of ground cinnamon
    • Ask to be topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and sprinkle of ground cinnamon

In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu

Animal style is the most popular "secret" style. In addition to the standard toppings, animal style burgers include:

  • Pickles
  • Extra spread
  • Grilled onions instead of fresh onion
  • Mustard fried onto each meat patty.

Protein style, popular among Atkins dieters, no/low carb eaters and people who just like lots of lettuce:

  • replaces the hamburger bun with large leaves of lettuce.
  • It can be combined with other special orders, e.g., animal protein style.
  • Lettuce is generally colder than buns, so beware of quickly-congealing beef grease in the sandwich.

3×3, 4×4, or generally M × C refers to a burger with a varied number of meat patties (first number, M) and slices of cheese (second number, C). For example, the popular Double-Double would be 2×2 (pronounced "Two-by-two" when you order it), while a burger with 3 meat patties and 1 slice of cheese would be a 3×1 (a "three-by-one").

Double-Meat (a.k.a. 2×0) is a Double-Double with no cheese.

  • By definition a Double-Double automatically includes two slices of cheese; for two patties without the cheese, a double meat burger must be ordered.

The Flying Dutchman:

  • Two meat patties
  • Two slices of cheese
  • No bun
  • Note: other condiments (including lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions) are not included unless you request them.
  • This is a great way to circumvent the burger size rules. i.e.: order a 4x4 and two Flying Dutchmans and you have essentially an 8x8

Grilled Cheese:

  • A sandwich with two slices of cheese
  • No meat
  • The grilled cheese comes stock, with spread, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions if you would like.
    • Like most orders, this can be combined with other styles such as animal style.
    • FYI: The grilled cheese used to be cooked on the side of the grill that was reserved for toasting buns (so that it wouldn't get contaminated from being cooked on the same surface used to cook meat). They now have two separate grills, one for meat, and the other for bun toasting. However, the bun grill is coated with a special non-stick surface that doesn't allow them to cook grilled cheeses on it any longer, and they have to cook them on the same surface as the meat.

Veggie Burger or Wish Burger:

  • A sandwich containing only vegetables, and no meat or cheese.
  • "Wish burger" is a reference to Rubber Biscuit, which was a massive cult hit due to Dan Aykroyd's performance of it as Elwood Blues. The song is a lament about not having enough money for food, and going hungry. The majority of the lyrics are nonsensical vocal sounds, with one of the four actual lines being: "Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich? A wish sandwich is the kind of a sandwich where you have two slices of bread and you — hum hum hum hum — wish you had some meat!"

Burger Options

  • Mustard fried patty spread with mustard, then cooked. This also adds pickles, unless you tell them to hold the pickles. You can also ask for heavy mustard fried.
  • Onions can be ordered as whole fresh, fresh chopped, whole grilled, grilled chopped, or any combination of the four possibilities. So to maximize your onion variety you could get a burger with all four types. Whole grilled is certainly worth trying.
  • Chopped chilis adds some yellow chilies to the bottom of your burger. Medium heat, little bit of vinegar flavor. (You can also ask for these on the side!)
  • Mustard and/or ketchup can be substituted for the spread. Only designates no spread. Cashiers may ask if you want ketchup or mustard instead.
  • No-salt has no salt added to the the patties. Once you add the condiments and cheese, you don't need the extra salt anyway and you can leave without feeling like a dried-out-but-satsfied lump.
  • Extra Salt is added to the tomato layer of the burger for those who feel the need for extra sodium on their burger.
  • Extra toasted bun/lightly toasted bun/untoasted bun. The bun come toasted by default, but you can ask to have the level of toastyness varied. The buns are toasted to add some rigidity to the burger, as an untoasted bun is flimsy under the weight of all the meat/cheese/condiments. This also prevents sauces and toppings from excessively soaking into the bun, thereby avoiding the last-bites-are-soggy problem. This needs to be the first modification requested, based on keystroke order into the register.
  • Extra everything - Extra tomatoes, extra lettuce, extra onion, extra spread, extra pickles, extra onions, extra chilis. You can ask for all of these at no extra charge. They'll really fill out your burger and make it a more balanced meal, especially if you're a veggie fan.
  • Medium rare or well done. FYI: Medium rare will definitely show a pink middle

Custom Fries

  • Fries well-done are extra crispy fries.
  • Fries light well are a little more done than regular fries, but not as crispy or greasy as the well-done fries.
  • Fries lite are fries that have been cooked less than normal.
  • Fries no-salt have no salt added to them.
  • Cheese Fries are fries with two slices of melted cheese. A fork is included.
  • Fries animal style include two slices of melted cheese, grilled onions, and spread as toppings. A fork is included.
    • Additional alterations that can be made to Animal Fries include substituting spread with ketchup and/or mustard, substituting grilled onion with raw chopped onion, and finally, adding or substituting chopped chilies.
  • Lemon fries you can make your own lemon fries—just grab a lemon slice from next to the ice tea machine, and squeeze it on your fries. It really livens things up.

Milk Shakes (Custom Drinks)

  • root beer float is a concoction made of half vanilla shake and half root beer soda. Be sure to specify whether you want it more creamy or soda-ey.
  • Neapolitan shake is a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavored shakes. If an order contains a shake of each flavor, this is called "Around the world."
  • black and white is a vanilla and chocolate shake (skip asking for a gray; they'll just get confused).
  • Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla can be combined in any way, i.e., just chocolate and vanilla, chocolate-strawberry, etc.
  • Large and extra large shakes are also available. The cup sizes for these shakes are one below soft drinks (i.e. a large shake is a medium soft drink cup, while an extra large shake is a large soft drink).


KFC Secret Menu


  • Poutine is a classic Canadian dish of french fries in gravy. Ask them for a Poutine. If you get a mystified look order french fries with cheese curds and hot gravy piled on top.

Double Down

  • This chicken sandwich comes with two kinds of cheese (melted), bacon, and two pieces of Original Recipe Chicken with a pinch of the Colonel’s secret sauce. Low carbs due to the lack of bun!

Hot Pocket Bowl

  • The Hot Pocket Bowl consists of hot pocket dough with chicken, cheese, gravy, and corn. Ask for it and they may make you one. It used to be on the menu.

Subway Secret Menu

Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich

  • Ask for Italian bread, ham, chicken breast, and Swiss cheese to top it off. You can always add cucumbers for some crunch. Top it off with Dijon mustard.

The Carnivore

  • White bread with six pepperoni slices, four servings of steak, and eight pieces of bacon. Add on your favorite cheese.

Spicy Nacho Steak Sub

  • Wheat bread, steak and shredded Monterey cheddar, green bell peppers and onions. Dump in some Nacho Cheese Doritos from the local chip rack, to get some crunch action. Definitely ask for it to be toasted.

Chipotle Secret Menu

Tricks to Super Size your meal for FREE

  1. Order a Bowl. Ask for 2 tortillas on the side, so you get the best of both worlds.
  2.  Get both kinds of Rice. Odds are they will give you more than just 1 type.
  3. Get both kinds of Beans. Same theory here.
  4. Order 1/2 of 1 meat, 1/2 of a different meat
  5. Ask for Fajita Vegetables and Corn
  6. There you have an optimized Chipotle meal!

Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu

Cookie Icedream Sandwich - An official secret menu item.

  1. Purchase a cup of Icedream and two Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
  2. Place the ice cream on the backside of cookie A.
  3. With chip-side facing up, slowly press the cookie B down on the top of the Icedream.
  4. Bask in the glory of your newfound creation. But not too long. Icedream melts quickly.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

  1. Order a Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich and ask for Zesty Buffalo Sauce.
  2. Remove the buns and set them aside.
  3. Place the chicken patty in the sandwich bag and pour the sauce inside.
  4. Fold the top of the bag over to keep the sauce inside.
  5. Shake the bag for a few seconds, thus coating the chicken patty in sauce.
  6. Remove the patty and replace it in the bun.

Cheesy Fries

  • Ask for waffle fries with a slice of cheese on top. Make the fries rich and creamy.

Wendy's Secret Menu

Barnyard Burger

  • Ask for this meat monster. A layer of bacon, and then a layer of cheese. Then you get a layer of beef, and then another layer of cheese. Last comes the layer of spicy chicken patty, and another layer of cheese. Finally you get a layer of ham! Phew.

Quadruple Baconator

  • You just order a Double Baconator, but ask if they can put in an extra patty. Some places do not even have a double, in that case ask for 2 extra patties and bacon between the layers.  Don't ask Where's the Beef!

Asiago Beef Burger

  • The Asiago Beef Burger is a combo of double beef burger, added bacon, Asiago cheese, and ranch dressing to cool it off.

Dunkin Secret Menu

Warm Glazed Donut

  • If you ask the cashier very nicely, you can get a warmed donut by asking the worker to toast a glazed donut under "croissant" mode in the oven. They will know what that means and if you really want to take it home, ask them to butter it too!

Hazelnut Mocha Iced Coffee

  • Order a regular iced coffee and ask them to add a mocha swirl and a hazelnut flavor shot to the mix.

Caramel Coconut Creme Pie Iced Coffee

  • Order an iced coffee, then add regular milk, a caramel shot, a coconut creme pie flavor swirl, and then top it with lots of whipped cream.

Toasted French Vanilla

  • Order an Iced Coffee, add a French Vanilla Shot plus a Toasted Almond Shot top with Almond Milk.

Taco Bell Secret Menu


  • Ask for the following: melted cheese, taco sauce and scallions rolled up in a soft tortilla. They should oblige.

The Hulk

  • Add a huge portion of guacamole to a bean and cheese burrito. This green monster is packed with vitamins.

The Superman

  • Heart attack goodness on Taco Bell secret menu, the Superman puts all other burritos in the low calorie bin. Ask for a double-beef burrito loaded with extra sour cream, double guacamole, tortilla strips, and potatoes. Add a ton of hot sauce to your spice level.


Enjoy these mouthwatering creations. If you have another favorite, leave a comment.  Are there other restaurants you want secret menu items for?

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