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Last Update: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 PST

UberEATS Recently Expired Coupon Codes, Printables, and Promo Codes

These coupons and deals for UberEATS have expired but may still work.

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How to use Uber Eats Coupons

Uber Eats almost never prints physical coupons. They offer both a rewards program and a mail list, however; signing up for an account on the Uber Eats app automatically nets you coupons, news and special offers delivered straight to your inbox, and Uber Rewards (once invited via the app) allows you to earn free car rides and delivery. Coupon codes can be redeemed through the "add promotion" button on the top right of the app's checkout screen.

You can also get coupons by referring your friends.

Coupons are limited to one per person per visit, and cannot be combined with other promotions. Special deals may be invalid with certain orders and restaurants.

Top 10 Most Popular Uber Eats Meals

10. Steak

9. Rice Bowls

8. Eggs

7. Cheeseburgers

6. Fried Rice

5. Pizza

4. Turkey Wraps

3. Gyros

2. Fries

1. Chicken Sandwiches

(Full credit to Business Insider's reporting.)

What are Uber Eats' hours?

Uber Eats' app is always open, 24/7; however, restaurants may or may not be available depending on location, time of day, and holidays/other special dates. Always be sure to call ahead to your local restaurant to verify availability before ordering online, especially if you're ordering on a holiday, weekend, or during any other special event.

Does Uber Eats offer delivery?

Uber Eats is a third-party delivery service; they provide the option of delivery to restaurants who otherwise don't have the infrastructure, through either a partnership or just as an unaffiliated middleman between the patron and the restaurant for pickup and transport. Not all restaurants are available on Uber Eats, and it will typically be much more expensive than pickup; but the convenience is undeniable.

Where is the nearest Uber Eats?

Uber Eats doesn't have any physical locations; participating restaurants nearby can be browsed using the search function in the app, once GPS privileges have been enabled.

Uber Eats Coupon Fine Print

May be valid for new UberEats users only. Codes typically expire by the end of the month.

All about Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an American online delivery platform that employs and operates a network of couriers who deliver food locally, from the restaurant to the patron. Customers can use their app to access a huge variety of restaurants and meals available at the tap of a button. Uber Eats is a subsidiary of Uber, the incredibly successful ride-share company.

UberEats is fully owned, operated, and was founded by Uber in 2014. Uber also owns the exceptionally successful Careem vehicle for hire company, which is based in Dubai, UAE, serves over 100 cities across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, and is valued at over $2 billion.

UberEats is known for their wide-reaching range of restaurants and dishes; the vast majority of restaurant chains are available on the platform, and most smaller restaurants can be found as well. UberEats is also known for their detailed interface and relatively cheap delivery, though this often comes at a cost to the restaurants involved. All meals of the day are available, and vegetarians/vegans will have no issue finding food to enjoy.

Uber was founded by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009; the company made its first move into food delivery with the launch of their UberFresh service in Santa Monica, CA, 2014. A year later the company was renamed, and an individual app was developed. In August 2018, they changed their monetization model from a flat $5 charge to a variable charge depending on distance, with a minimum charge of $2. During the Covid-19 pandemic, UberEats saw a 30% rise in patronage.

Uber is merging with Postmates in 2020.

Per Wikipedia

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014 and based in San Francisco, California. Users can read menus, order, and pay for food from participating restaurants using an application on the iOS or Android platforms, or through a web browser. Users are also able to tip for delivery. Payment is charged to a card on file with Uber. Meals are delivered by couriers using cars, bikes, or on foot.

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  • Company Vital Information:
  • Company Name: UberEATS
  • Headquarters Phone: 800-253-9377
  • Corporate Address:
    1455 Market st
    San Francisco, CA 94103 USA
  • Payment Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Sales tax in: Yes
  • Delivery: Local Delivery from select stores
  • Return policy: Complain to the Order Taker or Manager
  • Sector: Consumer Discretionary - Industry: Food/Drink - Restaurants
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