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How to use Dutch Bros Rewards
Dutch Bros Coffee offered a rewards program called "Dutch Rewards." Download their app or sign up online to start receiving rewards today! However, please note that program details and functionalities might have changed since then.

What are Dutch Bros’ hours?
Dutch Bros Coffee locations can have varying hours of operation, as they might depend on factors such as the specific location, day of the week, and even the region. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about Dutch Bros Coffee hours, we recommend checking their official website or contacting the specific Dutch Bros location you're interested in visiting.

Top 10 Most Popular Items at Dutch Bros
Here are ten items that are the most popular at Dutch Bros:
Annihilator: A mix of chocolate macadamia nut and espresso with chocolate milk and whipped cream.
White Chocolate Mocha: A creamy blend of white chocolate and espresso.
911: A combination of Irish cream, macadamia nut, and chocolate with espresso.
Caramelizer: A caramel and vanilla latte with espresso and caramel drizzle.
Kicker: A sweet and spicy blend of Irish cream and chai with espresso.
Dutch Freeze: A frozen blended coffee drink available in various flavors.
Mocha: A classic combination of chocolate and espresso.
Blue Rebel Energy Drink: A popular energy drink from Dutch Bros available in different flavors.
Iced Coffee: Chilled coffee served over ice with optional flavors and add-ins.
Americano: Espresso diluted with hot water, similar to black coffee but with a stronger flavor.

Where is the nearest Dutch Bros location?

Visit the Dutch Bros to find the closest location to you.

All about Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Coffee is a privately-owned drive-thru coffee chain known for its friendly and energetic customer service, as well as its wide variety of coffee and specialty drinks. The company was founded by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma in Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1992. It started as a single pushcart coffee stand and has since grown into a significant player in the coffee industry with locations primarily across the western United States.
Key aspects of Dutch Bros Coffee include:
Drive-Thru Focus: Dutch Bros Coffee is primarily known for its drive-thru model, where customers can order coffee and other drinks without leaving their vehicles. This convenience has contributed to the brand's popularity.
Customer Experience: The company emphasizes a unique customer experience with its friendly and upbeat baristas, often referred to as "broistas." This distinctive approach has garnered a loyal customer base.
Menu Variety: Dutch Bros offers an extensive menu of coffee drinks, teas, and other specialty beverages. Their menu includes traditional coffee options, as well as creative and unique concoctions, often with fun and intriguing names.

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  • Company Vital Information:
  • Company Name: Dutch Bros
  • Corporate Address:

    , USA
  • Payment Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash
  • Sales tax in: Most States
  • Delivery: Local Delivery from select stores
  • Return policy: Complain to the Order Taker or Manager
  • Sector: Consumer Discretionary - Industry: Food/Drink - Restaurants
  • Information subject to change. Contact us with any updates.