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Blaze Pizza coupons must be redeemed digitally or physically at checkout. Download the Blaze Pizza app and log into Blaze Pizza's rewards program, Blaze Rewards to view your Flame balance and redeem rewards. Rewards include free pizzas, drinks, and more.

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Top 6 Most Popular Blaze Pizza Combinations

Classic Red Sauce - Shredded Mozzarella - Pepperoni - Arugala
Spicy Red Sauce - Shredded Mozzarella - Applewood Bacon - Arugala
Classic Red Sauce - Parmesan - Italian Meatballs - Balsamic Glaze
Classic Red Sauce - Shredded Mozzarella - Pepperoni - BBQ Drizzle
White Cream Sauce - Shredded Mozzarella - Pepperoni - Arugala
Spicy Red Sauce - Ovalini Mozzarella - Pepperoni - Balsamic Glaze

What are Blaze Pizza hours?

Blaze Pizza is typically open between 10:30am to 10pm, varying slightly by location. Delivery hours are not restricted by store hours.

Does Blaze Pizza offer delivery?

Blaze Pizza accepts orders for delivery or pickup on their website. It is also possible to order through delivery applications and websites such as DoorDash.

Where is the nearest Blaze Pizza?

Click on the Blaze Pizza store locator to find your nearest restaurant. Allow them to get your location or enter your zip code or city, state to find the nearest one to you.

Blaze Pizza Coupon & Gift Card Fine Print

No cash value. Valid only at participating locations. Limit one per guest per order. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

All about Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a Pasadena, California-based chain within the fast-casual dining restaurants category. Blaze Pizza serves pizza as their name suggests but also includes dining options such as simple salads. Blaze Pizza was founded in 2011 and took after Chipotle’s concept as a made-to-order approach to serving customers. In this way, Blaze Pizza allows customers to build their own pizza to their own liking given their available choices of toppings, crust, sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables, and finishes. After the order is finished, the pizza would be constructed and Fast-Fire’d, cooked in high temperatures that would give an average cook-time of 3 minutes or so.

Blaze Pizza was founded fairly recently, starting a business in 2011 with their founders Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels. This restaurant first debuted in Irvine, California in August of 2012. Six years later at 2018’s end, Blaze Pizza location numbers had bloomed to 300 locations in 42 separate states across the United States in addition to five other countries. Blaze Pizza also had locations inside college campuses, airport terminals, and inside sports/entertainment centers since signing several deals in 2016. Blaze Pizza has become such a hit that even celebrities such as LeBron James of the NBA, an initial investor of Blaze Pizza, marks it as the next Chipotle.

Since Blaze Pizza is known as a build it yourself pizzeria, they have a variety of choices on what actually goes on the pizza that customers wish to order. Customers can choose between four crusts/doughs, four sauces, eight types of cheese, eight meats, seventeen vegetable choices, and seven finishes. With this amount of variety, over 120,000 different combinations of pizzas are possible, giving customers a huge range to choose from. Whatever the customer want on their pizza, Blaze Pizza has got that covered.

Per Wikipedia

Blaze Pizza is a Pasadena, California-based chain within the fast-casual dining restaurants category. Founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel's Pretzels, Blaze Pizza was modeled after the Chipotle concept as a made-to-order approach to serving customers. Basketball player LeBron James is one of the original investors in the chain, which is touted by Bloomberg "as the next Chipotle".

Blaze Pizza's name was derived from how quickly a create-your-own pizza can be "Fast Fire'd" in a high-temperature open-flame oven – an average cook time is 3 minutes. Customers begin by choosing which of the ingredients they’d like on their pizza. As customers work their way down the service line, staff assemble a pizza based on customer instructions. When they arrive at the end of the line, their custom-built pizza is ready to be cooked.

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  • Company Vital Information:
  • Company Name: Blaze Pizza
  • Headquarters Phone: 626-584-5880
  • Headquarters Fax: 844-270-1480
  • Corporate Address:
    35 North Lake Avenue Suite 710
    Pasadena, CA 91101 USA
  • Payment Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash
  • Sales tax in: Most States
  • Delivery: Local Delivery from select stores
  • Return policy: None
  • Sector: Consumer Discretionary - Industry: Food/Drink - Restaurants
  • Information subject to change. Contact us with any updates.