10 Best Fast Food Restaurant Apps with Free Food Coupons


What are the best apps to download for free food and drinks? McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy's, and Dunkin’ Donuts are just a few of the free food iOS and Android apps that will get you free food and free food coupons. Here are the best apps:

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McDonalds App Coupons

These guys are the most popular fast food chain. The McDonald’s app for iOS or Android offers some of the best deals you can get. No freebies unlike the other competitors. By downloading it, customers can find about the only way to get McDonald's coupons and deals. To redeem a coupon, simply show it to the order taker. The app also notifies you of new weekly deals that are exclusively for the app. Ordering can also be less of a hassle with their Mobile Order & Pay. This allows the user to order in app and pick up the food without having to wait in line.  Some coupons require this method of ordering.

Burger King

Burger King's app shows deals and coupons for this leading chain. The BK app also allows customers to order directly from their phones. This enables them to skip the line when entering a BK location to pick up the order.  Some coupons require mobile ordering, while others allow you to show them to the cashier.


DoorDash delivers much of the food on this page.  New customers get $7 off a $10 order.

Dairy Queen (DQ)

The Dairy Queen app allows you to get notified whenever a new deal on your favorite Fan Food comes out. Using the Dairy Queen app will also give points for your every purchase with the app or scanning your device at the register. These points can be used for special rewards. Rewards includes exclusive deals, free coupons every week, and special promo offers. Downloading the app also grants the user a Buy 1 Get 1 free BOGO coupon with 24 hours for a Blizzard Treat or Grillburger Combo.


Chipotle has some of the best Mexican food but it’s going to be a lot better when you download their free app. The app enables ordering through it, online, or scan your code at the register every time you buy Chipotle. For every dollar you spend, you get 10 points and these points can be used for exclusive deals and rewards. Save up to 1250 points and Chipotle rewards you with a free entree the next time you order. Look for bonuses in order to get rewards even faster.  They have occasionally run promotion and games that give freebies.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin, formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular go to when you are craving snacks and a drink. With the app, things can get sweeter such as their Order On-The-Go where you can order through the app and skip the line. The app gives you 5 points for every dollar you spend and when you hit 200 points, you automatically get a free drink any size of your choosing. The Dunkin’ Donut app also makes paying so much easier. Simply add cash into your account, turn on auto reload, and you’ll be paying for your confections in seconds.  They do have promotions for rewards customers all the time. Sign up  & Get a Free Medium Coffee or Beverage Coupon Every Year on Your Birthday.

Baskin Robbins

Immediately after you download the Baskin Robbins app, you get a FREE scoop of ice cream. The app notifies the user of any new coupons or promos that are accessible for customers to use. Baskin Robbins app also enables the user to order from the platform and pick up from any nearby store of their choosing. To make things even easier in life, the app can help keep track of specific dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, play dates, or anything worth celebrating. It even allows you to send a virtual gift card to anyone else with the app as a gift to the friend.


The Wendy’s app offers a great deal upon download. The moment the app hits your phone’s homepage and you launch it, you get a free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase that you make. Wendy’s app also allows the user promotions like free fries and many discount coupons! The app also notifies users of coupons and special promos that are happening.


Sonic Drive-In features deals and coupons on their homepage but there are customers who want more. For those that do, they can text DRIVEIN to 876642 for more exclusive deals that they can use in participating locations. For those who want to go extreme, the Sonic Drive-In app is for you. The app features multiple rewards such as special promos and free coupons to customers. The Sonic Drive-In app also offers half price on any drink or slushie when customers order ahead.


Applebee’s understands that birthdays are a special day. The Applebee’s app for iOS and Android, allows customers to receive a free gift on that special day. The app also allows customer to order on their mobile phone and pick up at a designated location. Special deals, promos, and an assortment of coupons can also be found in the Applebee’s app. All of these deals are exclusive to the app itself.   Too bad you cannot order their discounted cocktails!

Buffalo Wild Wings

The Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing Rewards app works off a point system and the user can earn 50 points off the bat by filling out the Interests Page when first downloading it. Spending $10 also add an upward amount of 100 points to your account. 10 points will be rewarded just for checking the app or checking in with friends, 10 points per friend. These points can be used in the app to redeem an item of your choice with equal or less point value. The Buffalo Wild Wings app also offers deals, exclusive coupons, as well as special promos for customers to use when they visit a participating location.  They do have great in store Happy Hour deals, so make sure you visit once in a while.

Download some free fast food restaurant apps to get free food and save!

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  1. David Moakler says:

    These apps are terrific during the pandemic. Consumers can save money on meals, while safely ordering online and picking up at drive thrus. Restaurants have been trying to encourage app downloads for years. The surge of covid-19 has sped up adoption rates of food delivery and online ordering by more than 6 years.

    As a publisher of helplines for financial assistance, our workplace posters are looking to work with some of these apps and help more employees save money on their work lunch.

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