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  1. When is the Best Time to Buy? – Smart Shopping

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    Smart Seasonal Shopping The Best Times to Buy - Save Money

    As the 1960’s American folk rock song “Turn, Turn, Turn,” covered by the band The Byrds, reminded us: “To Everything There is a Season.” Originally written almost entirely from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible, the catchy hit song instills the principle that there is a time and place for everything.

    Who knew that this truth also applies to shopping?!


  2. The Problems with Social Media & Shopping in 2016

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    This past summer you may have noticed a button popping up on your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds next to products inviting you to “Shop Now” or “Buy.” As retailers integrate e-commerce with the social media experience, viewers are now encouraged to do more than just gawk over the latest gadgets.


    While it’s definitely a convenient way to boost sales, is shopping on social media good for customers?


  3. How to Pick the Best Rewards Credit Card

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    Last update: 1/4/2016


    America is becoming a more plastic driven economy. Even the smallest of merchants can accept credit cards with an inexpensive Square credit card reader. People start getting credit cards when they are in college, with the majority of the public possessing several credit cards in their wallet. There are safety advantages paying with a credit card over cash or a debit card. It is time to make the best of this situation.

    Everyone loves to get rewarded for spending money. This is kind of an absurd statement, but a reward helps lessen the damage from paying your insanely high credit card bill.


  4. How to Find Safe Online Stores – Online Store Reviews


    How to Determine Whether an Online Merchant Can Be Trusted popular stores

    How many times have you seen a good deal online but hesitated because you were not familiar with the company selling it? This is a common problem and can cause either lots of potential savings to be missed or headaches to occur. Many shoppers buy everything from amazon. There are many other stores with better prices especially in apparel and technology..

    It’s wise to be cautious when making purchases online. An acquaintance of mine recently ordered 1,000 USB sticks printed with his company logo from an online dealer whose prices beat everyone else on the web. Too good to be true? You betcha. After arduous calls and a tedious complain process with his credit card company, he recovered his money. He’s one of the lucky ones.