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  1. AT&T Next Upgradeable vs 2 year contract Smartphone Plan Review


    Last update: 9/21/2018

    The transition from 2 year phone contracts to AT&T Next installment plans

    AT&T Wireless announced that the 2 Year Contract is ending January 8, 2016. New and Existing Customers will only be able to buy phones using the Next Installment Plan after this time. The move from the long time 2 year phone contract that included hardware and the plan, to separate the plan from the phone started in 2016.


  2. How to Find the Best Prepaid Wireless Internet Mobile Hot Spot Plan 2016


    Last updated: 8/31/2016

    T-Mobile Sonic 2 Mobile HotSpot LTE

    Mobile Hot Spots are small devices that create Wi-Fi networks wherever a cell phone signal is present. While there are laptops and tablets with built-in wireless access, few people can afford the premium cost and reduced flexibility of being tied into a single wireless carrier. Prepaid Wireless Internet allows you to gain this flexible access with no contract. These products are handy when you need to get your laptop, Chromebook, car, or tablet online, anywhere and at anytime. Advantages of Mobile Hot Spots:

    • Flexibility
    • Cost
    • Performance


  3. Sprint Framily Smartphone Plan Review



    Sprint is playing catch up to the other 3 major wireless companies. The Framily Plan is an interesting Smartphone plan that can save you a ton of money. They merged with SoftBank of Japan in the middle of 2013 and are going through a metamorphoses, which includes this new promotion. The Framily Plan started in January of 2014 and is slated to expire 6/12/2014

    In 2015 Sprint added a lease plan where you can pay $15 a month to get an entry level iPhone. At the end of 22 months, you have to return the phone or pay for it.