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  1. Top 10 Best Restaurants Deals 2022

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    Are you craving a burger, some wings, or maybe just sick of home-made meals? Whether it’s dining out or takeout, we know that food can get expensive really quick, which is why we compiled some of the best offers you can find right now! All the restaurants are carefully considered for value, quality of service, and convenience. We hope that you enjoy this list and discover some amazing new deals!

    As promotions for restaurants often come and go in the blink of an eye, note that prices and availability may be subject to change and vary by location. You can find more constantly updating deals in the food coupon and restaurant sections of Buyvia. Be sure to download our free food coupons For iOS and android.

    10. Buffalo Wild Wings

    buffalo wild wings meal

    Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

    New Dew & Dubs $29.99 Bundle

    Want to get your hands dirty eating chicken wings while enjoying a complete meal? The New Dew & Dubs Bundle accomplishes just that for $29.99. The bundle includes 10 Boneless Wings, 5 Hand-Breaded and Beer-Battered Chicken Tenders, 2 20 Oz Mountain Dew, and a few other items.

    Buffalo Wild Wings coupons

    9. Olive Garden

    Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

    Try the new Bake at Home Family Meals and serve 4-6 people starting at $39.99

    Known for its near-infinite amount of breadsticks and popularity as an Italian restaurant chain, families looking for a fun night-out might invest in the new Bake at Home Family Meals which serves 4-6 people starting at $39.99. This is a nice change from dining and restaurant and trying to gorge yourself on breadsticks.

    8. Denny’s

    Photo Courtesy of Denny’s

    Kids Eat Free With Adult Entrée Purchase: Offer is valid at participating restaurants for up to two free kid's entrées from the kid's menu per one adult entrée purchase of $6.00 or more. One free entrée per kid. Offer valid for dine in only. Not valid for online orders. Restrictions may apply.

    Craving a classic American meal of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and more? Enjoy dining at Denny’s and one free entrée per kid from the kid's menu per one adult entrée purchase of $6.00 or more. Note: restrictions may apply.

    7. Applebees

    Photo courtesy of Applebees

    2 for $25 Two Entrees + One Appetizer

    While you might not find any apples or bees, Applebees does provide a casual dining experience and some tasty, satiating food. One of the best ongoing deals is the 2 for $25 consisting of two entrées and one appetizer of your choice. Whether it’s boneless wings, sirloin steak, or a cheeseburger, this deal undoubtedly contains a wide range of great options!

    6. Jack in the Box

    Photo Courtesy of Jack in the Box

    Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack $6.99 Combo

    Not only is Jack in the Box convenient and accessible, but they also deliver some awesome offers through their app. One of such offers is the Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack Combo for $6.99, which you can enjoy anytime as Jack in the Box is open 24/7! For more similar deals, you can download and sign up on the Jack App.

    5. Wendy’s

    Photo courtesy of Wendy’s

    The 2 for $4 Breakfast Sandwich deal is back on at Wendy’s for a limited time! Your options are the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, a Sausage, Egg and Swiss Croissant or Bacon, Egg and Swiss

    Most people think about burgers when you mention Wendy's, but there breakfast offerings are pretty good. Have you ever wondered why Wendy's is called Wendy’s? The restaurant was actually named after the fourth child, Melinda Lou "Wendy" Thomas, of the company’s founder! Now not only do you know the origin of Wendy’s, but you should also know that the 2 for $4 for Breakfast is available now for a limited time. Pick two choices among Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant; Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant; Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

    4. Popeyes

    Photo courtesy of Popeyes

    $25 4 CAN DINE

    In the eyes of many, Popeyes fried chicken is arguably superior to major restaurant chains. Although this is controversial for many, what is not is that Popeyes offers some great deals. For a limited time, order the $25 4 CAN DINE of 2 Sandwiches, 4 Tenders, 2PC BIC, 1 Large side, and 4 Biscuits.

    3. IHOP

    Photo courtesy of IHOP

    IHOPPY Hour: From 2 pm – 10 pm every day (and later in some locations), get $6 entrees, $3 Snacks and Sides, and $1 or $1.50 beverages!

    Some of the happiest hours of our day are often spent after work or school with family and friends. Fortunately, IHOPPY Hour from 2pm - 10pm every day allows you to capitalize on this precious time frame with a wonderfully inexpensive deal. The $5 Menu items range from Chicken & Pancakes, Classic Steakburger, BLT Sandwich, and more, while the $3 Menu Items include Mozza Sticks, French Toast, Pancake Sundae.

    2. Burger King

    Photo courtesy of Burger King

    Buy one, get one free BOGO + $1

    Many Burger King enthusiasts were disappointed when the “2 For $5 Mix and Match” was discontinued. Yet fear not, there are still some bargain deals such as the Buy One, Get One for $1 deal (BOGO + $1). Starting at $6.99, The BOGO + $1 allows you to choose two entrées out of the Whopper, Chicken Fries, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish, and the newly added Impossible Whopper. For more deals, visit the offers link on Burger King and input your location for offers near you. Note: Offers change every week.

    1. Domino’s

    Photo courtesy of Domino’s

    $5.99 Mix and Match Deal

    I still remember the smell of delicious and warm pizza wafting across the counter as soon as I entered the store. For a quick and tasty meal, you would be more than satisfied with Domino’s $5.99 Mix and Match Deal. You can choose two items from Medium 2-Topping Pizza, Bread Twists, Salad, Marbled Cookie Brownie, and numerous other options.

    Domino's pizza coupons

    Are there other hot deals that we miss? Please leave a comment below

  2. BuyVia Now Provides Deals on Over 100 Million Products Six Months After Launch And Expands Beyond Tech Items

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    By Norman Fong, CEO and Co-Founder, BuyVia

    Today BuyVia is excited to announce our company growth metrics and May analytics. It’s been six months since we launched in November 2012 and we’ve grown from 500 vendors selling 100,000 products to 16,000 vendors selling over 100 million products! Additionally, beginning today we are offering smart shopping cloud services and deals beyond tech products including apparel, sports gear and home goods. The number of shopping alerts, which are sent when products fall in price, has increased 800%.

    BuyVia’s May search analytics revealed that “iPhone,” “Laptop,” “SSD,” “Dell,” and “iPhone 5” were the top five most searched items on the website while “iPad,” “TV,” “Mouse,” “iPod,” and “Canon” were the top five most searched items through the app.

    Additional May Analytics:

    Top 5 Searched Products via the App

    • “iPad”
    • “TV”
    • “Mouse”
    • “iPod”
    • “Canon”

    Top 5 Searched Products via the Website

    • “iPhone”
    • “Laptop”
    • “SSD”
    • “Dell”
    • “iPhone 5”

    Top 5 Deals that Were Clicked on Via the Website

    • iPhone power adapter
    • Canon EOS 6D SLR
    • Canon EOS T4i SLR
    • Canon Powershot S
    • HP Printer

    Top 5 Deals that Were Clicked on Via the App

    • K-Cup Coffee Maker
    • Samsung 55 LED TV
    • Rubbermaid Casters
    • iPad Mini
    • Nikon D800SLR

    BuyVia App Demographics

    Male versus Female

    • 60% Female, 40% Male

    Age Breakdown

    • 12.3% 18-24, 29% 25-34, 37% 35-44, 13% 45-54

    Geographic Location

    • 88% North America, 1.1% Europe, 9.5% Asia

    BuyVia Website Demographics

    Male versus Female

    • 75% Male, 25% Female

    Age Breakdown

    • 13% 18 - 24, 24% 25 - 34, 23% 35 - 44, 16% 45-54

    Other Website Data

    • 58% Do not have children
    • 40% Earn between 0-$50k
    • 32% Earn between $50-100k
    • 21% Grad School
    • 59% Caucasian, 17% Hispanic, 13% Asian, 11% Other

    BuyVia App Device Information

    Type of iOS Device

    • 34% iPhone 4S, 28% iPhone 5, 21% iPhone 4, 7% iPad

    iOS Software Version

    • iPhone 6.1.4 18%, iPhone 6.1.3 54%, iPhone 6.1.2 5% iPhone 6.1.0 5%

    We’ll continue releasing similar reports at the beginning of each month. As always, we’re interested to know if these reports are helpful. What other information would you like to see? Please let us know how we can improve our monthly analytics reports via Twitter @BuyVia or on Facebook.

    -- The BuyVia Team