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  1. How to Find the Best Price on Anything


    Last Update: 2/16/2018

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    Everybody wants to find the best price when buying items, how do the pros do it? In this article, the founders of BuyVia.com will teach you how to find the best deals on top-notch products from vendors you know and love. These shopping experts have been involved in Internet shopping since 1999, having started TechBargains and building into a top technology shopping portal and selling it to a big company.


  2. 5 Things to Consider When Determining the Best Rewards Credit Card of 2018

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    Last Update: 5/25/2018

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    Unlike most Best Credit Card sites, we get zero dollars when you sign up for a credit card, so our information is unbiased.

    When it comes to choosing the right rewards credit card, you've got plenty of options. In exchange for making purchases on a particular piece of plastic, nearly everything you can think of is offered - from free airfare and hotel stays to cash back for gas, grocery, restaurant, and travel purchases. The challenge is determining which of the many options out there is best for you. To do so, you need to examine card features, such as how rewards are earned and redeemed, and how those features align with your own spending habits.


  3. The Safest Way to Use Your Credit Card – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV Chip

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    Last Update: 8/4/2016


    In the beginning, there was cash. Then came credit cards, which were much more convenient...but also opened up new avenues for thieves, who could use your account just by stealing a credit card number.

    Now, a whole slew of new technologies have hit the scene, promising better and safer credit card use. EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay all promise you increased security combined with convenience. But which one is really the safest and fastest?


  4. How to Pick the Best Rewards Credit Card

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    Last update: 1/4/2016


    America is becoming a more plastic driven economy. Even the smallest of merchants can accept credit cards with an inexpensive Square credit card reader. People start getting credit cards when they are in college, with the majority of the public possessing several credit cards in their wallet. There are safety advantages paying with a credit card over cash or a debit card. It is time to make the best of this situation.

    Everyone loves to get rewarded for spending money. This is kind of an absurd statement, but a reward helps lessen the damage from paying your insanely high credit card bill.