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  1. How Covid-19 Will Impact Black Friday

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    When someone says “Black Friday” we normally think of giant crowds clogging shopping malls, shoppers camping outside their favorite stores in order to be the first in, doorbusters and ginormous discounts. But this year, most shoppers will be lounging on their couches with a coffee and laptop.

    Why? The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing more and more activities to take place online, and shopping is not an exception. Many stores are implementing some mask, hygiene, and distance rules, along with temperature checks to keep employees and customers safer. Others have simply closed their physical fronts and moved entirely online.


  2. How the Covid-19 Pandemic is Changing Fast Food


    covid 19 and fast food

    Covid-19 is the most catastrophic event the world has seen in decades; the fact that the disease is global means that people worldwide are having to adapt to and deal with a reality that has not existed for more than a hundred years. Businesses are no exception, especially restaurants and fast food chains in particular.

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