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  1. How to get the Best Price on Apple Products

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    How to get the Best Price on Apple Products

    Apple sells billions of dollars of products. With this power, they wield incredible power in the selling channels. Apple products are often hard to find discount.  They are sold at what is known as minimum advertised price – (MAP) pricing aka Fixed retail prices. If they tell stores to sell the iPad for $299, all stores are forced to sell it at that price.

    Some large online retailers negotiate special deals to offer discounts. The Federal Trade Commission oversees pricing and sets rules.  It allows prices to be displayed at non MAP prices when products are added to a shopping cart.  A shopping cart is not really advertising.


  2. How to Buy the iPhone 7 without Lining Up

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    Everyone has been talking about the iPhone 7. From websites to TV programs to radio, Apple has gotten nonstop free press. Two weeks before this device was launched, Apple diehards have already starting lining up in front of Apple Stores. Why is it generating so much buzz? (more…)