Personal Shopper – How it Works

Personal Shopper is a FREE service that helps you get deals on products YOU want.

Want the best deal on everything you buy, but have No time?

It is simple as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Enter a description of what you want
    1. "I want a reliable back to school laptop"
  2. Tell us the maximum price
    1. "$200"
  3. Give us any specifics to match your needs
    1. Dell, 14 inch screen, Windows 10

Our professional shoppers will scour online and local stores looking for the best deals, just for YOU. They will watch for price changes and then contact you email when they have found the right product.

We will consider only leading stores that are well known and reliable.  Any coupon codes will be researched and send back to you.

Think you can shop better than us? You can help your fellow shoppers. Find a better deal and show it to the world.  Earn points and win prizes.