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Do you run a blog or content site and are looking for more ways to generate revenue and increase stickiness?

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BuyVia licenses its Deal Content for Affiliates and Bloggers. Syndicate this exclusive content for your website or mobile app.

Much more than just a bunch of links to random products and little known stores, our Exclusive deal content changes daily and shifts with major holidays, events, and seasons.

Why Our Deals?

  • Exclusive Source - There are no other sources for this
  • Professional Shopper hand curate Deals
  • Verified product deals and coupons
  • Deals on popular in demand products
  • Products from┬áTop Stores everyone Trusts
  • Updated 24/7 - 365 days a year

Where Can I Use it?

  • Display it on Blogs
  • Feeds for Mobile Apps
  • Android and iOS
  • Custom RSS Feeds

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