T-Mobile $100 iPhone 7 with iPhone 6s, $200 with iPhone 6 Trade In

Posted: October 2, 2016 12:00 AM PDT

T-Mobile has a new T-Mobile $100 iPhone 7 with iPhone 6s, $200 with iPhone 6 Trade In where you can trade in your iPhones and get a discounted iPhone 7 via bill credits. Ends Soon

iPhone 7 Pricing

  • $100 (w/ iPhone 6S or 6S+ trade-in)
  • $200 (w/ iPhone 6, or 6+ trade-in)
  • $350 (w/ iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, or SE)

After bill credits applied in monthly installments with 24-mo. finance agreement.  Must be active and in good standing when credit is applied. 1st credit may not appear until 2nd bill cycle and only after trade-in process is complete. May not be combined with other promotional offers.  iPhones with higher memory cost more. T-Mobile ONE plan required.

iPhone 6 Resale Value vs Trade-in

  • iPhone 6 16GB is worth $300-$350 - 20% in fees = $240-$270 if you sell it on eBay
  • New iPhone starts 32GB of storage, double the iPhone 6 16GB

Get a larger capacity iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus by paying the retail price difference compared to a base iPhone 7.

Trade-In Gotchas

  • You are locked in for 2 years.

This is a great deal. We have not seen a deal like this in years.

iPhone 7 Unlocked for $329

Don't have an iPhone 6 to trade in? Buy a refurbished iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked refurbished for $329.99 on eBay.  Trade it in and get a brand new iPhone 7!

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