New BuyVia iOS 8 Touch ID Password Wallet


BuyVia's Latest 2.8.3 App for iOS (iPhone, iPad) now supports the iOS 8 Touch ID password wallet for filling your login and password when shopping online.

Security is becoming increasingly important, with breaches happening everyday. People need to use a different password on each site, but most folks cannot manage this effort without a password wallet.

Consumers can now shop at their favorite stores on the iPhone and iPad and enter their login and password with one click. No need to remember multiple logins. The iOS 8 compatible BuyVia app integrates 1Password’s digital wallet to store all your information securely. You can create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and keep this information encrypted and sync'd in the cloud. Using Touch ID fingerprint reader, users can unlock their credentials with one tap.

How does it work?

Install the latest version of BuyVia along with the 1Password password wallet.

BuyVia 1Password Integration (3)

Whenever you click on a Deal, Search, Scan, or use a Coupon, you will see the Share icon at the middle of the bottom bar, clicking it brings up an option to use 1Password. When you are ready to login, simply tap this option and you will be prompted to login.BuyVia 1Password Integration (2)

Your login and password will be used, making the shopping process far easier and more secure.

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