How to get the Best Price on Apple Products


How to get the Best Price on Apple Products

Apple sells billions of dollars of products. With this power, they wield incredible power in the selling channels. Apple products are often hard to find discount.  They are sold at what is known as minimum advertised price – (MAP) pricing aka Fixed retail prices. If they tell stores to sell the iPad for $299, all stores are forced to sell it at that price.

Some large online retailers negotiate special deals to offer discounts. The Federal Trade Commission oversees pricing and sets rules.  It allows prices to be displayed at non MAP prices when products are added to a shopping cart.  A shopping cart is not really advertising.

MAP pricing is legal because it sets a price for advertising, not what is actually sold at. If there was not MAP pricing, stores could list inflated retail prices or deeply discount products, cheapening the brand.  If a stores advertises Apple products below MAP price, they can be cut off or may forfeit advertising co-op dollars.

Ways to Save

Its convenient to buy Apple products at your local Apple Store, but you will pay full price!  Save with our suggestions below.  Buying at an authorized dealer allows you to get support at your local Apple Store.

Note: All prices are subject to change

1) Apple educational store

The first method getting cheaper Apple products is through the Apple educational store. This store is available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and home school teachers of all grade levels. (They do not audit home schoolers)

Sample Prices

  • MacBook Air - From $999
  • MacBook Pro - From $1199
  • iMac – From $1049
  • iMac Pro – From $4599
  • Mac Pro – From $2799
  • Mac mini – From $779


2) Apple Certified Refurbished

You can get special savings of up to 15% when you buy Apple Certified Refurbished items which include a one-year warranty. These items complete a rigorous refurbishment process including full testing which ensures that your device meets the same functional standards as new Apple products. Your refurbished device is truly “like new”. Bigger savings are available on discontinued models.

Sample Prices

  • Refurbished MacBook Air - From $929
  • Refurbished MacBook Pro - From $1019


3) Online Retailers

There are also many online retailers which often sell Apple for less than the retail price.

Since 2018, Amazon has started carrying more Apple products. The prices may fluctuate from time to time, but it never hurts to check them.

  • MacBook Pro 13.3 – From $1099.99
  • iPad 32GB 10.2 – From $299
  • Airpods with charging case 2nd gen – From $144
  • Airpods Pro - From $249

Costco also carries many Apple products, although you will need a Costco membership to be able to purchase from them.

  • MacBook Pro 13.3 – From $999.99
  • iPad 32GB 10.2 – From $319
  • Airpods with charging case 2nd Gen – From $144
  • Airpods Pro – From $234.99

Walmart sells Apple product too, but their product mix is decidedly small. You will find Airpods and iPads, but no MacBooks. Searching for MacBook pro brings up iPads!

eBay may have better deals than other distributors but the stores are lesser known, might not be Apple authorized stores, and these products may not have factory warranty.  We recommend eBay only if you wish to purchase an older refurbished or used item. Buy only from businesses that allow returns.


4) Sales Tax free states

If you live near one of the following states, you could travel there and buy your Apple products from an Apple store in that states since they don’t have sales tax.

The states are: Alabama (AL), Delaware (DE), Montana (MT), New Hampshire (NH), Oregon (OR)

Go buy at the Apple store one of these states. Take a vacation!  Better yet, visit these states during Black Friday!

5) Black Friday

Apple usually has minimal discounts. Last year (2018), they gave out gift cards with select purchases.

2018 Apple Store Black Friday Deals

  • With select iPhone purchases: $50 gift card
  • With select iPad purchases: $100 gift card
  • With select Mac purchases: $200 gift card
  • With an Apple Watch purchase: $50 gift card
  • With a HomePod purchase: $50 gift card
  • With an Apple TV purchase: $25 gift card
  • With select Beats headphones: $50 gift card

Other retailers had better Black Friday deals on Apple products. A few of last year’s deals are listed below.

Best Buy:

  • $200 off select MacBook Airs, from $899
  • Up to $300 off a MacBook Pro, from $1099
  • A 32GB 10.2” iPad for $249.99 (normally $329.99)


  • $10 off Airpods
  • MacBook Pro 13 for $999.99
  • MacBook Air for $999.99 on Cyber Monday


  • A 32GB 10.2” iPad for $249.99 (normally $329.99)
  • An Apple Watch 3 From $169.99 (normally $199.99)
  • Free $200 Gift Card with activation of iPhone 11, Pro, or Pro Max on Verizon, AT&T


Apple products are highly in demand but can be purchased with a discount with a little shopping around.

Leave a comment if you found another way to save.


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    After purchasing an iPad from Verizon outlet, help understanding the iPad was not very forth coming, trip to Apple store in Spokane were able to unlock it. Very pleased with apple store,they also offer classes!

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