7 Dumb Star Wars Toys


Star Wars The Force Awakens must be one of the most hyped movie. Disney paid Billions to acquire the franchise, so they have done their best to generate a ton of merchandise licensing fees. When you look at these, you will wonder what the heck they are and who in the galaxy would buy them..

Here are some of the most far fetched Star Wars Toys and merchandise we could find:

star wars r2d2 humidifier

What do you think this is? A trash can or radio?  Its a Humidifier! (Amazon )

Millenium falcon bluetooth speaer

Another what the heck is this..  An iHome portable bluetooth speaker. (Kohls )


Darth Vader Kids Winter Hat

You become a walking billboard with this crazy Winter hat. (Not available any more!)


A Death Star Planetarium! It will lead you to the hidden fortress, just supply the hyperdrive. It is actually was sold out! (ThinkGeek

Star Wars Toaster

Omg a Darth Vader Toaster.  It even imprints Star Wars on every bread slice. A great way to start the day. (Kohls)

star wars cufflinks

If you see someone wearing these $40 Star Wars Cufflinks, run. Run fast and far away to another galaxy. (Nordstrom)

Star Wars Scinece Holocron

Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron. A glitz quiz show for $20. (ToysrUS)

Have you found other Star Wars toys that drive you crazy?  If so, do tell below with a comment..

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2 responses to “7 Dumb Star Wars Toys”

  1. Catherine says:

    You do realize that Star Wars is a big deal to lots of other people other than you…it has been around for years and years. The Star Wars item sell out fast. I will agree on one thing, you are either a fan or not….but there are millions and millions of fans out there.

    • norman says:

      I’m a big fan too. I’ve seen each movie far too many times. Disney purchased Star Wars from Lucasfilm and has turned up the commercialism big time. Too much I think!

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