5 Management Apps Every Business Person Should Have


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Whether you run a business or play a key role in one, organization and management skills are essential for your success. These management apps for your mobile or computing device can help you stay on track and improve your business’s efficiency.


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an essential tool for keeping your small business organized. With this app you can manage sales receipts, payments, estimates, and email invoices directly from your mobile or computing device. QuickBooks Online will also enable you to update customer information, track payments, record sales, and prepare company files and taxes.

This app will let you stay on top of your business’s cash flow and help you to better account for expenditures and the like. Keep in mind that the online version is totally different than the shrink wrap software QuickBooks.

  • Subscription model $12.99/mo or $124.99/yr (USD)
  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Not compatible with QuickBooks for Windows or Mac (different version for Windows called "QuickBooks for Windows - Mobile Companion"


Business Calendar for Android

Business Calendar synchronizes with your Google calendar to provide you with one place where you can view details of all of your important events. View the calendar by month, day, or agenda. Simply run your finger over days of interest to open them in multi-day view. Business Calendar also has many options for recording recurrent events. It’s like having your own administrative assistant in the palm of your hand. This App for Android costs $4.99 and is rated a very high 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has a lot of functions that are missing in Google’s offering.

  • color-code for organization
  • import/export in iCalender format
  • 11 different widget designs


PrinterShare Mobile Print for Android

Whether in the office or on the go, PrinterShare Mobile Print allows you to print your important documents with your mobile device anytime and anywhere. PrinterShare Mobile Print supports a wide variety of documents, including photos, emails from Gmail (including attachments), web pages, and other digital content. Print via Google Cloud Print, to printers near you or across the world.


Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to manage your files from one location and access them from anywhere on your mobile or computing device. You can share documents with others and easily create spreadsheets, text files, and presentations.Employees can work on documents together from different locations as Google Drive keeps track of edits and who made them.

  • 15GB Free Space, $4.99/mo for 100GB,$9.99/mo for 200GB, $19.99/mo for 400 GB
  • Easy Team Collaboration
  • Revision history of up to 30 days



SignEasy allows you to import documents from the web, Google Drive, email, Dropbox and make them available for electronic signatures. In three easy steps (import, sign, and send), SignEasy can help you save time and money by going paperless. No longer will you have the annoyance of downloading important documents to sign and then have to hassle with the scanner or fax machine to return them. This is very easy to use when compared to DocuSign. They also have an iOS and Android App. It is free for 3 documents, then $10 for unlimited documents.

A business must maintain organization and efficiency if it is going to survive and thrive. These are just a few of the management tools you can access on business laptops or personal phone plans that can help you run your business successfully.

By Tim Alan

Tim Alan is a freelance writer and editor of FreshlyTechy.com who covers technology topics online. Follow him on Twitter @timthetechy.

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