Last updated: August 1, 2013

Challenges Facing Consumers Today

The Goal: Find high quality products at the best possible price. In this quest, there is significant pain due to information overload. The shopping process has become more complex. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Multiple devices - smartphones, laptops, tablets with multiple operating systems - No communications between different screens

  • Product research
  • Online and paper coupons
  • Shop virtual and physical worlds
    ‘Touch' products in stores
    Buy online + in store
  • Location based deals and coupons, Daily Deals
  • Two hours wasted each week deal hunting in 2012
  • Secret deals - hidden relationships between merchants and deal sites
  • Fragmented mobile apps

BuyVia helps you find the best deals on gear, no matter where you are. It combines access to our Expert curated deals along with the power of UPC Barcode scanning, product price comparison, quality score filtered Daily Deals, and shopping alerts where ever you are.

BuyVia is the only service that bridges the virtual and physical worlds:

  • Hand curated and tailored to preferences
  • Intelligent shopping across all devices and locations
  • Consumer centric visuals and content
  • Empowers people to shop smarter

Hand Picked Deals from Experts

Launch the Website or App, and you will see a list of the latest deals our Experts recommended. These hand-curated deals were picked because of the quality of the product, reliability of the vendor, and their excellent price. Deals are not affected by whether we get compensated or not, unlike other deal sites. Product  reviews are written in easy to understand English with no technical jargon. Readers will be able to see how this product can benefit them and what the target applications are.

BuyVia is a next generation of deal website and app.

- No items with bad reviews
- Name brands you know and trust
- Broad product line from technology gadgets to apparel to shoes
- Store you are familiar with
- Clear instructions on how to get a deal

Use the Category bar to select products within a specific area.

Click on a Deal to get details on that particular entry, and to make a purchase. You can even set up a Shopping Alert, to receive notification when the Deal becomes available again or falls in price.

The Share button in the upper right hand corner of the App or right next to the Deal on the website, lets you share this deal via Facebook, Twitter, Text, and email.

BuyVia App Help

The following sections include details on features within the BuyVia Mobile App.

Price Comparison Search

Click the Search button at the bottom of the screen to quickly find the lowest price on a wide variety of products, from trusted merchants, searched by name.

Search remembers the last phrases that you searched for.

The Share button in the upper right hand corner lets you share this deal via Facebook, Twitter, Text, and email.

You can set up a Shopping Alert to get notified when prices fall.


Creating an Account using your existing Facebook, Google, or Yahoo login allows you to easily store your Shopping Alerts, and History in an easily accessible area. Your passwords are secure because you are logging in with these sites directly, we never see or store your password.

When you create a new account, you can express your preferences and tell us what type of products you are interested in, and what stores you like. BuyVia adapts to your preferences and location.

You can login to the same account within our App or website. Start your shopping at home on your tablet, continue your research on your Smartphone, and then access the same information on your computer at home or work.

You can delete your account at anytime.  If you uninstall our app, you need to delete your account first to remove any data.

Shopping Alerts when products fall in prices

You can set these Alerts up whenever you see products or deals within the App. Get notified when they fall in price or go on sale. You can enter your desired price and select from email or push notification.

If you select a specific product, you can get notified when you drive by a store that has it on sale at your desired price.

Shopping Alerts can also cover a specific category. Receive notification whenever we post a new Deal within this category. Say you want to buy a new tablet computer, set a Shopping Alert for this category and receive alerts whenever a new tablet deal gets posted.

Synchronized Shopping List

Click the ... button at the bottom of the screen, then select the Shopping List button to see Deals you have clicked on, items you have scanned, Alerts you have set up, and more. Delete this Shopping List at any time by clicking on the Trash can icon. This Shopping List is synchronized between the various versions of our App and with You can start shopping on your Smartphone with searches and barcode scanning, and make your purchase when you are on a larger screen of a PC or Tablet.

On the iPad, Shopping List is in the Left Column navigation.

Special Features in our iOS mobile App

UPC Barcode Scanning

Click the Scan button at the bottom of the screen to scan UPC Barcodes on products as well as QR Codes. Find the lowest price on products you see in stores. Buy them online with just a couple of clicks after seeing the bottomline price with Shipping and Tax.

The Share button in the upper right hand corner lets you share this deal via Facebook, Twitter, Text, and email.

Set up a Shopping Alert to get notified when a deal is available on the product.

Turn on the light in your Smartphone by clicking the lightbulb icon in the upper right hand corner.

If you are having trouble scanning an item, click on the barcode graphic to manually enter the numbers.

Local Coupons
Local Deals

Click the Local button in the category selector of the Deals screen to see Deals and Coupons that are valid in your local area. These include coupons that you can present in store.

You can also view Daily Deals, Deals by store name, and Deals within a specific category.


Click the ... button at the bottom of the screen to adjust your preferences. Access the multiple device synchronized Shopping List, About, Help, Send Feedback, enable / disable sounds, set your zip code, set a Local Deals radius.
Create an Account, Logout of the Account or delete the Account. Create a new Shopping Alert, display your current Shopping Alerts, and delete Shopping Alerts.
Visit our Facebook and Twitter sites, share the App with friends.
View our Price Policy and Terms of Use.

Anywhere - Anytime

Because BuyVia includes an iOS and Android App and a website, access Deals anywhere you are, at anytime.  A single account, accessible from any device, holds all your information. Shopping Alerts, History, etc are all automatically stored within this account.