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Video games have become mainstream. With casual gamers playing low cost app based games, and hard core gamers lining up for the latest mega-hit, billions are spent on video games every year.

The PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 are the most popular hard core gaming platforms. The light gamer favors the Nintendo Wii, iOS, and Android platforms. Younger gamers are flocking to the Nintendo 3DS, and the iPod Touch.

Xbox 360 deals as well as cheap PS3's are in heavy demand by gamers wishing to look for discounts on video games as well as video game consoles.

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    How to: Find the PS4 or Xbox One In Stock + Free Shipping

    BuyVia has created a tool that automatically scans all major online stores for both consoles, help you find these difficult to locate consoles. Simply leave your browser on this page and it will keep refreshing until it finds one.

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    PS4 Inventory Stock Tracker

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    Xbox One Inventory Stock Tracker

    The PS4 and Xbox One are the latest generation of video game consoles to hit the market in many years. The PS4 is here and the Xbox One will be released 11/22. These two consoles are highly anticipated and extremely popular. Both of them have sold out of pre-orders and are on their way to becoming the number one gift for the 2013 holiday season.

    Check out our blog post: How to find the PS4 or Xbox One In Stock for tips to find a Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

    BuyVia PS4 and Xbox One Stock Tracker

    BuyVia's iOS and Android App allow you to get a push notification whenever a new deal on either console is found. You can also set the BuyVia App to alert you to when either console is available at a store near by.

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