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Which Samsung Galaxy 10 and 12 Inch Tablet Should You Buy?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Why Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

From their status as Google’s number one Android peddler to the high quality of their products, Samsung has been a prime choice for anyone looking for an Android handheld for years. Now there are over 10 tablets to choose from! With their devices being massively popular across the world and within their native country of South Korea (where LTE data and speedy download rates on mobile are the norm) it’s not hard to throw support behind them, but even outside of consumer satisfaction, Samsung maybe the best choice for an Android Tablet.

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Which Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and 8 inch Tablet to Buy

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7″ Wi-Fi Tablet Sale

Why a Samsung Tablet?

Samsung is the #1 Android Tablet brand, making it a very popular purchase for consumers. Choosing a specific model is the biggest problem. There are over thirteen 7 inch to 8.4 inch tablets to choose from! New models are launched very often and result in a flood of decisions for shoppers to make. Older models are closed out at aggressive prices, adding to the confusion. What exactly was the change from a Galaxy Tab 3 to Galaxy Tab 4?

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How to find the Best Online Photo Printing Service in 2014

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Groupon – Shutterfly 67% off Custom Photo Book
With the advent of Smartphones, people are snapping pictures everywhere and everyone has many more pictures with every passing day. Gone are the days of snapping a picture or two, almost every event has budding photographers documenting it. Folks share pictures with one click onto Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Managing Photos

One problem has plagued digital photos from day one, printing them out. You can share pictures easily, but printing them out is a challenge. Why? Read the full post…

BuyVia’s 4th of July Essentials

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With the 4th of July just around the corner, the BuyVia team decided to pull together some of our favorite items you’ll need to throw the perfect backyard BBQ celebration. Whether you’ll be working the grill or lounging poolside, we have the perfect shopping list for all your holiday essentials.
The Low Maintenance BBQ

weber q grill

The Weber Q 3200 is one of our favorite BBQs because of its stylish design, easy clean-up and large cooking area. With two folding work tables, tool hooks, and two stainless steel burners, this grill is the perfect size for a 4th of July BBQ but won’t create unnecessary work and clean-up for the host.
The iPhone Speaker System

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How to Select Solar Panels

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Winter is over and the warmth of sunshine and clear skies is drawing people outdoors once again. As you turn your face to the sun, take a minute to consider that each day the sun delivers enough power to provide for the energy needs of the entire Earth – for a whole year. Yet, much of that power goes unharnessed and wasted; while people, instead, pay hundreds each month for energy from their local utility company. What is the answer to this waste?

A Clean, Green Solution

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Making an App Worth Buying: 11 Expert Developers Weigh In On the Future of App Development

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With the increase in the number of smart phones on the market, the app industry has absolutely exploded. There are now millions upon millions of apps that do just about whatever you could possibly want. With so many apps available, coming up with the next huge hit is just about as hard as it sounds. We recently reached out to some of the innovators in this field in order to ask them just how to make your app stand out from the crowd and where they think this ever changing industry is headed.



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How to Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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55% off Lenovo Wireless Mouse

If anyone close to you has ever suffered with Carpal Tunnel, you probably already know just how painful and difficult it can be to live with on a daily basis. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs most frequently in those who use a computer on a daily basis, or while performing other repetitive movements, such as playing a sport, working on an assembly line or playing a musical instrument. The average sufferer is been between the ages of 30 and 60; women are typically more affected by carpal tunnel than men are. Younger people are getting affected earlier as computer usage starts.

Left untreated over time, sufferers of Carpal Tunnel can find themselves with permanent nerve damage and chronic pain in their hands, wrists, and forearms. This is why it is very important to professionally diagnose and treat this condition as quickly as possible. A medical doctor who specializes in hands or a neurologist is a critical first step. However, there are simple exercises and changes in your day-to-day routine that may help alleviate the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel. This is a debilitating, but ultimately treatable condition. Be sure to discuss the treatments suggested below with your doctor prior to starting any of them.

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Ten ways to Save Money on your Energy Bill

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Energy Star logo

Earth Day recently occurred.  It is important that we take the lessons we have learned from all the hype surrounding this now more commercial event and use the new ideas in our daily life.  In this article, we will highlight specific actionable items you can do to save money and also help the environment.

Saving Money at Home

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Windows XP End of Support – Free Security Tools

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Microsoft ended Windows XP Support on April 8, 2014 after 12 years. You cannot fault them for support it that long. Few cars last that long. No automatic patches or technical assistance will be provided unless you have a company contract with Microsoft. Microsoft antivirus software will cease to update after a while. What does this mean? From the Microsoft website:

  • Your Computer might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses

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How to Find a Cheap Hotel

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The travel season is coming soon. Hotel pricing changes by the hour and often times the swings defy logic. How to find a cheap hotel? Here are some tried and true tips on finding a cheap hotel from when to shop to where to stay

Main Aspects of Hotel Bargain Hunting

  • Hotel location
  • Date of stay
  • Comparison engines
  • Promotions, discounts, and coupons
  • Last minute hotels

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