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How to Find the Wii U in Stock

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The Wii U represent the latest video game consoles to hit the market in many years. This game console is extremely popular. Titles such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart have propelled Nintendo back into the lime light. In fact, Wii U hardware sales for the week of Black Friday 2014 were only beaten when the system launched way back in November 2012. It has sold out in most stores and is on the way to becoming the number one gift for the 2014 holiday season.

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New BuyVia 3.0 iOS Shopping App Update

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BuyVia 3.0 iOS

The BuyVia team is pleased to announce the release of our latest version of our iOS app, BuyVia 3.0

Since we launched in November 2012, we’ve welcomed feedback and have monitored how our users get the most value from the BuyVia app. The 3.0 version includes a lot of exciting new features based on user requests. Finding the best deals is now easier than ever.

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Christmas Holiday 2014 Shipping Schedule and Deadlines

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By now, most of us are used to ordering our stuff online - but there is still a stigma about ordering online for Christmas. What if the store doesn’t ship in time? Will my recipient think less of me for ordering online rather than facing down the crowds in the mall? What about free shipping? How late in the month can I order and still be certain my gifts will arrive in time?

That’s where comes in. Not only do we scour the web each day for the best possible deals on a large selection of products, we also have compiled a handy shipping guide for all the major stores. Our team scraped much of this information from each retailer’s website, but also called into customer service (so you don’t have to) to clarify when information was missing or conflicting.

This chart will be updated throughout December 2014, so check back frequently.

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BuyVia Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 Analysis

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Is it time to stick a fork in Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The traditional shopping weekend is certainly losing ground to discounts offered on Thanksgiving Day and other early holiday promotions. Still, it’s not all bad news early on - Black Friday and Thanksgiving day sales set new online sales records.

Many retailers are offering the aggressive discounts throughout November and December dragging out the holiday season, and many more people are forgoing the mall experience (Parking, crowds) and shopping online.

Harbor-freight-Black -Friday-2014- (3)

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Best Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

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Cyber Monday is the biggest day for sales. We have reviewed the ads for most major stores and have figured out the deals worth your consideration. No time to review 1000 websites? No worries.  BuyVia has created a short list of all the hottest deals. Most deals start on Sunday at Midnight ET. Limited quantities.

Here are some of the best Deals

Dell Refurbished

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Best Black Friday 2014 Deals

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Black Friday is the biggest day for sales. We have reviewed the ads for most major stores and have figured out the deals worth your consideration. No time to review 1000 pages of ads? No worries.  BuyVia has created a short list of all the hottest deals. Most deals start on Thanksgiving Day. They will sell out fast.

Best Buy Door Thursday Busters

Product Name - Sale Price (Original Price)

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Expand your Online Shopping beyond Amazon to Save Money

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At BuyVia, we are focused on shopping and the reasons driving consumer’s purchase decisions. Some people buy on price alone and mostly online, while others prefer the traditional brick and mortar shopping experience.

We recently conducted a survey about online shopping and found that the majority of our respondents thought of Amazon more often than any other retailer - either offline or online - when they wanted to purchase a specific item. In fact, many of those surveyed now go straight to (bypassing Google entirely) when they are shopping online.

It’s clear that Amazon has become the thousand pound gorilla in a room of smaller online retailers. Just a few years back, aspiring entrepreneurs were setting up shop on the web and competing with others in their niche - but now they have to factor Amazon’s advertising reach, branding, and cost of goods into their business plans. For many, it simply doesn’t make sense to compete with Amazon any more - and a quick search will find many blog posts from former ecommerce company stakeholders lamenting the almost monopoly-like power Amazon now experts of the online shopping experience. Smaller manufacturer’s often simply set up shop on Amazon and forego setting up an ecommerce experience on their websites altogether. Larger brands often hesitate, fearing Amazon may damage their brand and learn too much about their operations and customer base.

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The Truth about Black Friday Sales

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The truth about Black Friday? Black Friday has morphed into Black November, and retailers - both traditional and online, begin running their Black Friday deals on November 1st. That’s right - as soon as you finally hit the bed after a fright filled night of collecting candy from your neighbors, retailers are gearing up to relieve you of your holiday shopping budgets.

Questioning Black Friday

Still, many shoppers assume every Black Friday deal is awesome; but is the listed merchandise truly a hot deal? Should you wake up early and battle the throngs of consumers standing in line at your favorite store? Are these sales really limited time deals, or can better pricing be had at other times?

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New BuyVia iOS 8 Touch ID Password Wallet

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BuyVia's Latest 2.8.3 App for iOS (iPhone, iPad) now supports the iOS 8 Touch ID password wallet for filling your login and password when shopping online.

Security is becoming increasingly important, with breaches happening everyday. People need to use a different password on each site, but most folks cannot manage this effort without a password wallet.

Consumers can now shop at their favorite stores on the iPhone and iPad and enter their login and password with one click. No need to remember multiple logins. The iOS 8 compatible BuyVia app integrates 1Password’s digital wallet to store all your information securely. You can create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and keep this information encrypted and sync'd in the cloud. Using Touch ID fingerprint reader, users can unlock their credentials with one tap.

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The Insider’s Guide to Black Friday Deals

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Ahh, Black Friday...that delirious, manic shopping frenzy the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday marks the kickoff of the holiday buying season and retailers offer deep discounts to coax our credit cards from our wallets and purses.

Let's face it; this American brand of holiday binge-buying has deep roots in our culture stretching back to the early twentieth century. Back in the day, behemoth department stores began sponsoring Thanksgiving parades to attract crowds of consumers to the front of their stores, where they prominently displayed the merchandise of the day in their windows with steep discounts on oversized price tags. In fact, the origin for Black Friday's name came from this era; this was traditionally the day when stores went into the black, or started to make a profit.

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