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BuyVia is an online website and mobile App that makes you a smarter shopper. Professionally curated Deals, Coupons, Local Coupons, Barcode scanning, Daily Deals and more. We will help you find the best deals on the best products. Whether you are searching for a new tablet, Smartphone, apparel, shoes, or other item, we will help you track down the best price with no effort.
Anywhere you are, home, work, out and about, BuyVia will be right there with you to help you save money.

Features include:

Hand Picked Deals from Shopping Experts

They will demystify all the jargon and help you understand why a product is worth buying and what it can be used for. We will watch for all the sales, so you don't have to.

Price Comparison

Quickly search for the lowest price. A wide variety of leading merchants, even encompassing local inventory. Search for products by Name, part number, or UPC barcode.

Shopping Alerts when products fall in prices

Get notified whenever a desired product falls in price. Setup an email or push notification. Even get alerts when you drive by a store with a wanted product on sale. You can also get notified whenever new hot deals are added to a specific category.

Daily Deals

BuyVia takes the top Daily Deals from over 15 different sites and shows you the best ones based on our quality score.

Synchronized Shopping List

Our app keeps track of all the deals you view, barcodes and QR codes that you scan, searches that you perform, and more.

iPhone, iPad iOS and Android App

Our companion iPhone, iPad iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet App allows full access to our website, a synchronized account that stores the same shopping alerts, history, and shopping list in addition to the following features:

UPC Barcode Scanning

When you are out and about, you can use our App to find the lowest price on a wide variety of products.

Anywhere - Anytime

Because BuyVia includes an App and a website, access deals anywhere you are. A single account, accessible from any device, holds all your information.

Local Coupons - Local Deals

Receive local coupons and deals for a wide range of stores and products wherever you are. These are usable in store and online.

Again, thank you for using our service. Our goal is to help you find the best products at the best prices, no matter where you are.

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